Help a Child

Imagine you are a very poor child. You have made your way through school, about to graduate and you are getting your mind ready for a life of working @ Fast Food joints, scrubbing toilets or worse, dealing drugs and maybe some theft. You think College is just for the straight A students and people with money, you just resolve yourself to a life of poverty, just like all the generations before you. BUT THEN these two ladies show up at your school. They have all the information about way more Education opportunities, forms to be filled out, how to fill them out, everything. They help you, encourage you, you start to believe you may have the opportunity to escape the poverty cycle after all. They gave you hope.

THIS is what Career Compass does.

THIS is what we ALL should be supporting.

Right now the charity in first place to win the $ 50,000.00 grant from Burger King is Capitol Area Animal Welfare Society. Yes, this is a great non-profit. I love Animals (Cats from a distance) but how pathetic is it that this organization is leading by a pretty big margin over such great non-profits as Career Compass?

When you get that E-mail saying "reminder to vote for Career Compass" DO IT Please. Not even 15 seconds of your time and you could be a part of changing the course of a child's future. Yes, you could be part of it if you just vote.

Animals are great but seriously people, why is this leading all these other great Charities? We need to be helping people, Gods children. Cuz' there must be a lot of people out there that are way more concerned about Animals then we are about people.

Click HERE to vote

Baton Rouge Current Voting Results

Capitol Area Animal Welfare Society 21%
Baton Rouge General Medical Center Foundation 17%
Istrouma Area Council, Boy Scouts of America 14%
Career Compass of Louisiana 12%
Woman’s Hospital Foundation 11%
St. George Catholic School 8%
Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center 7%
Muscular Dystrophy Association 4%
Volunteers of America Greater Baton Rouge 2%


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