Watch out, Mrs. O has entered the blog world!

You know what they say, "Behind every great male blogger is an extreamly smart and talented wife" (well, that's what I say at least) This is especially true for Dan Ohlerking.

I am SO THRILLED that Vicki Ohlerking has entered the blog world!!

Her first post has the greatest line in it.."it's not about changing THE world it's about changing A world".. This is her heart and I LOVE IT!!

I'm gonna start a new side bar catagory called "Blog Chicks Unite!!" and the great Mrs. O will be on that list!!

Blog on Girl friend!


Vicki Ohlerking said…
Don't give Dan all the credit for getting me to do this. You definitely inspired me to get out there, too. And I'm glad we're getting to be "closed" friends, too... you're crazy!

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