Pray for Iraq

It's so weird. I was posting on this blog yesterday about the Orphan's in Iraq. I looked at the children and the soldiers in those pictures and I felt the immediate sting of that small voice saying "you have never prayed for this country. These are your neighbor too. You are told to love them." It was such a "Duh!" moment. Why have I never prayed for Iraq? American soldiers are serving and dieing there, children are dieing there, Iraq is a country full of people who don't know God. People who are confused and war torn. Under ambush by insurgent Terrorist that want to destroy that country. The Iraqi people are Gods children just like we are! Now more then ever they need our prayers. Bin Ladden needs our prayers, the terrorist need our prayers, no one is beyond the reach of Christ.


I can hear people now saying,"well, it's just the end times..It's a sign of the times, Jesus is coming.. these are the enemies of God, this is all SUPPOSED to happen in the end..etc, etc". You know people have been saying it was the end for 2000 years. In the span of time, maybe it is but that does not relieve us of our mandate to love God with all our heart soul and minds and to love our neighbors as our selves. We so easily pray for the people we love, the country we love but we also so easily dismiss other people, other countries as evil or "just part of the end times". We can not do that.


You know, people get freaky about prayer. "I can't pray for everyone and everything!" "Gosh, how are we supposed to pray and love everyone from every where?! It's just not possible!" But don't over think this. Your driving, listening to talk radio, take a SECOND and say "lord touch Iraq. Heal that country." It's not rocket science and it isn't too much. Same goes for Africa, homelessness, our president, everything, when you think of it, pray. When God freed me from the bondage of "I must pray for an hour or I am not praying" I found that I pray all day now. I teach my kids to pray every time they think of someone, somewhere, something. God hears us even if we are folding laundry while we talk to Him.


Vicki Ohlerking said…
Check out Cajun Tiger--he's heading to Iraq. Funny that you post this today just as he's getting told he's going back. We definitely need to be praying.
Thanks Carole! I love reading your blog.
Cajun Tiger said…
totally agree!!! =)

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