Vicki Ohlerking said…
That's a great picture. Are you turning away or turning in? I can't tell... and love the new header. What were we thinking back then?
Anonymous said…
I can not believe that pic! And I thought I was crazy, nonetheless it is beautiful and quite a sight. The one of you and hubbie is absolutely priceless. I mean I CAN NOT wait to be in love and take sweet, cute pictures :)
Carole Turner said…
I was neither going in for the kiss or coming away from the kiss, we were both straight up posing! Evangeline was camera happy at the park so we were having fun. BUT any reason to kiss Dean or be kissed by him is a good one as far as I'm concerned.
Joyce said…
I loved that "Big hair" photo you had on your page...yes, I remember the days when I had "Big ol'Church hair".....but it was never as big as yours was in that photo. WOW! HA!
The photo of you and Dean is very nice. Hang on to that one forever.
Anonymous said…
AAHhh. That is so sweet. I love the picture. Love MOM

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