Jeramiah 29:11

The Least of These

This is *Cassie. She lives at the Alamo hotel with a mother that has lost all four of her children to social services EXCEPT Cassie. Cassie is four years old but seems much younger. Her life is daily pain, abuse, neglect. She is brought to the Dream Center by a "bag" lady, who "baby sits" Cassie. The bag lady is pretty nutty but thank God she brings Cassie to the Dream Center and comes herself to that Ladies Thrive Support Group.

Cassie's story is not unusual. Poverty in America is right next door to all of us. I drove 3 miles to get to the Dream Center. Children living in awful and unimaginable conditions are right next door. We can no longer look the other way, at least I can't.

You see, when I connect with the poor I see the yuck that is my corrupted heart. I see that I judge wrongly. I see that we have SO much. Our kids have SO much. It breaks my heart as it should. I learn from people who have served for years who need no blog, no book and no attention for what they do, they just need to do it because they know they are blessed and must in turn be a blessing. I long to keep my eyes focused on Him. How He loves the poor. I long to see the poor as Jesus does.

My heart is nasty

I heard about a man today that is extremely wealthy. I thought he was just another rich guy. I knew his wife was an amazing servant but I just didn't think he was all that into serving the poor and stuff. Yes, I judged and I was wrong (as we usually are when we judge) I found out that he is known throughout the inner city and really poor areas for his kindness and servant mentality. He cooks greens and brings them to the poor and much much more. He just isn't in it for the recognition so he is perfectly content to have self righteous people like me sit back and judge him cuz' he drives a Hummer. He doesn't need my approval or anyone Else's. He is pleasing God. He is convicting me with his life and I have never met him. God forgive me for judging and looking at others when I should be looking at you. Thank you for the heart check.

God wants you!

If you are missing out on this life, I encourage you to jump in. Help the poor. Feed the homeless on Saturday morning with Tweeze. Bring a bag lady or a prostitute to the Ladies Thrive Support Group on Friday's at the Dream Center. Visit a widow, become a foster parent, go give flowers to the strippers on Friday nights with Mrs. Alliece and her crew.

We are blessed to be a blessing.

All the kids and us!

My neice Megan, Isreal and Steele with a couple of the babies.

Lorri, Charity and several of the neighborhood ladies praying at the Ladies Thrive Support Group this morning.

Me with Dasha and Brianna

*Cassie is not really her name.


Anonymous said…
Your heart is so good and pleasing to Him- don't forget that. You are in a process like we all are and I really, truly appreciate your honesty.

Your blog is great. I LOVE the CS stuff. Thanks for your input.


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