The hardest working chicks in foot world!

Pamper night was last night @ HPC. This is such a great night! Every chick and their Grandmaw (literally) are invited to come to HPC and get free Manicures, Pedicures, Makeup, Facials, Eyebrow waxing, massages, and all the great food in the world you can eat. Woman are truly Pampered! Delynn and her team really did a super job! It was so organized and I know many ladies were ministered too, I was.

I did Pedicures and it was such a blessing! I wasn't too thrilled to be doing feet. But I am so glad I did! One elderly lady actually made me tear up. If you ever get the chance to wash someones feet, do it, you will get way more out of it then the person gettin' the washin', trust me on this one.

But let me tell you, the people that worked the hardest and had the worse job were the Jr. High girls that were getting the water for the Pedicures. They had to go outside, cover a tub with a plastic bag, fill it with the warm water (how cool is it that they had warm water coming out of a spicket for the Pedicures! They really did think of everything!) bring the tubs to the 40 or so stations where ladies were doing Pedicures, THEN they had to take the used water and dump it outside. These young ladies got wet, ran their legs off and used their little arm muscles like no one else did last night! Yes, they had adult help, Chrystal Tullos (the pretty side of the Jr. High Pastor team) kept them organized and motivated and a few other ladies that I don't know their names deserve props too for doing this very hard job. I just can't say enough about these little Servants.

Evangeline, the water girl..

and Megan the water girl!

Thank you HPC for blessing the ladies of our area with this great night!


Anonymous said…
Wow! That is so cool. I wish we had something like that down here. I bet Megan and Evangeline were having a ball helping. I love y'all. Love MOM

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