Feather Iron

Lorri got me hooked on Google image not long ago. Today I Google Image searched my nick name, FeatherIron.These are the top images that came up.

Peacock Feather Iron On Applique -


... LoTR Exhibit/Ringer Feather Iron
... LoTR Exhibit/Ringer Feather Iron

That's Evangeline and I at the Lord of the Rings exhibit in Houston a couple years ago.

[ More results from img-nex.theonering.net ]

Black Feather Iron Canopy Bed


The Feather Canopy is the bed for your "Pampered Princess." Every detail of this bed offers the ultimate in luxury! The black and gold Boa feathers beautify and accentuate the bedding. The soft and cozy bedding is a black poly cotton. The sleeping cushion and bolster is zippered, removable and is machine washable with cold water and line dry. The feathers are not washable. 26"W x 19"L x 31"H, up to 25lbs Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery as bed's are custom made.

The Feather Iron dog bet is SO me-NOT!

Of course this wasn't on the google search (no this is not by Butt, it's my back, so don't anyone freak out)This is FeatherIon written using Elvish Symbols. Not Elvis, Elvish, like Lord of the Rings, any ways this is why my Alias is "FeatherIron" a tattoo mistake with a touch of Destiny...

For a fun time, read the tattoo story HERE


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