Americans Take Poverty Seriously

The survey portrays Americans as a people who are concerned about poverty and regularly integrate responses into their lives, according George Barna, who directed the study.

"Although many public officials seem to assume that Americans are not sufficiently engaged in efforts to ameliorate or eliminate poverty, the data show a different story," stated the researcher, who has written 39 books about American lifestyle and faith. "Most people consider it to be a very serious issue. Most people are counting on the government to effectively deal with poverty. Most people interact with the poor. And most Americans undertake a variety of actions designed to reduce or limit the effects of poverty.

"However," Barna continued, "the study also shows that Americans are poorly informed about America’s poverty. They radically overestimate how many people the government identifies as poor, and they believe things have become much worse over the last quarter-century, when in fact the incidence of poverty has remained about the same."

Barna expressed surprise that devout Christians were not more engaged with the issue. "Given the extensive comments in the Bible regarding the importance of taking care of the poor, we expected to see a larger distinction between the responses of Christians and non-Christians. As churches seek social causes through which to engage people and their faith, facilitating hands-on responses to poverty would probably activate a lot of latent faith and resources."

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Cajun Tiger said…
I'm not surprised at all with the level of American support, but I am saddened by the fact that Christians are leading the pack by wide margins.

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