We are in Okeechobee

We got here last night after a very long 12 hour drive. The kids were great except for Steele's complete "....ria" blow out. Yea, while I was driving, got everywhere, major bathroom event at the rest stop! Thank God for wipes and a change of clothes! ANYWAYS, we are here and we miss Dean already.

Candice graduates on Thursday! This is her and her "friend" Travis (he's very nice and cute).

Jordan graduated last week, this is him afterwards. It sure makes you feel old when they start graduating from high school! I know these are not my kids that are graduating but when Jordan was a baby I lived with Pat and Lorri, I actually shared a room with a very adorable 1 yr old Jordan. I still see that little baby sometimes when I look at him. You all know the Earle's are like family to us, Steele thinks "uncle Pat and aunt Lorri" really are his aunt and uncle, so that is why it is such a big deal to me that Jordan is graduating.

Candice is big deal because I have been dreaming of the day she would graduate high school and come live with me and go to LSU. She has shattered my dreams!! Punk!! but that's ok, she has to do what she has to do. She is going to the local Community college for a couple years THEN hopefully she will come to LSU-pray hard!


Cajun Tiger said…
Give Candice a big congrats from me!!!
Anonymous said…
oh yeah jordan looking hotter than ever!!!!!

ClA High School girl!