To Mud or to Church, that is the question.

My brother, his wife and their son Gage go mudding almost every night. My nephew was asked if he would prefer a birthday party at Mc Donalds or Chucky Cheese, He said "take my cake to the Mud Hole!" And that is where they celebrated his 5th birthday. Not only do Dallas (my sister in law) and my brother Joe each have their own mud trucks but Gage has one too. Mudding is a family love. So I understand how hard it would be if you normally spend all day Sunday at the mud hole and now that you are a Christian you also want to attend church. You know what I say? Have your cake and eat it too. Mud then church or church then mud! Really, what says God is great more then the spectacular earth He created? Look around you He's everywhere. Get mud on your face (as Gage did) and bask in His creation then clean up and head to church. You get your "Fill" of His presence at the church service and your "feel" of His wonderful creation, mud, at the mud hole. What a Perfect day!!

Joe and Gage all Clean!


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