Hey Brother, Hey Sister

When you hear someone say that to you at church don't get your fight face on, they aren't suggesting any infidelity on your parents part, this is what church people call each other when they can't remember someone's name.

See what happened was back in the day when the 1st century church was growing so fast they couldn't remember everyone's name, they realized if you call someone "Brother" or "Sister" they feel included and like family so it was almost better then actually remembering their name.

Pastor names are different

"Father", that's what they call Priest. "Reverend" is kinda out dated now but I think some still use it, that's more main-line denominations. I kinda dig "Right Reverend" I have heard that a few times (wouldn't you hate to be the "wrong Reverend" or the "drunk Reverend"?)

My favorite name to call a pastor is "Bishop". My pastor's name is
Dino Rizzo wouldn't it be cool to call him "Bishop Rizzo"? I think you have to earn a degree or something to be a Bishop though.

It's all very technical and though I am well versed in church Hierarchy history I don't feel I can properly teach that course right now. So, in a nut shell, Brother, Sister-not Bubba or Chick, Pastor, Reverend, Bishop-not Old guy, Loud Spitting Man or Guy in the Robe.


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