Exercise Church Style

Charismatic- This church will offer you an infrequent Jazersize type routine with arm lifts, hopping and jumping. Unfortunately, the jumping can give you pain in the fat part of your calves cuz your "dancing" on a hard floor and if your wearing your cowboy boots, they aren't the best for jumping.

Church of God and/or Pentecostal Holiness- You'll get a good Cardio at one of these churches. You can roll, hop, jump, skip, fall and go for an all out run if you like but again, if wearing cowboy boots you may have some seriously sore legs afterward.

Catholic- If you like a Yoga style work out, and one that you can nap in between, you may really like the Catholic service. You will get a mild calf/thigh work out due to constant standing and sitting but mostly you will just want to sleep.


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