Churchy people don't say "Crap"...

..They consider that "crude" or "coarse". I myself think is a very clear alternative to the S-word. Oh, and churchy people will tell you that they don't use "alternative" words for cuss words, but that's a lie. They say, "Dog Gone-it" instead of the D word or "shoot" instead of the s-word but they don't say "Crap". There is even a church site called Church Marketing Sucks
and preachers visit it and endorse it! But watch out if you say "crap" cuz they will be on you like white on rice.

It all boils down to Ephesians 5:4. This bible verse tells us not to use obscenities, foolish talk or coarse joking but if you were raised like I was, the word "Crap" is not even close to coarse or obscene. I actually consider it a "renewed mind"(Romans 12:1&2) word cuz' it's the clean version of what was part of my vocabulary before I started washing my mind with bible reading.


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