Can I wear THESE Jeans to Church?

..well, heck yea. I mean, really, Redneck women wear Jeans in the summertime in the south! And, do not even think about wearing lose jeans because you think they are more modest, they aren't, they are just extremely unattractive and make you look fatter.

Tight jeans are nothing now, have you seen the trash coming into church these day! I swear, someone's gonna get an eye put out with all the cleavage in church and I know the skirts cant get any shorter.

That's what I so appreciate about us Redneck broads, we at least know how to cover up the goods. You know why? Because we know they are "The Goods" and they are not for sale! First, our whole person belongs to Christ (I Corinthians 6:9) and if we are married, they belong to the Husband. They aint to be ogled in church or any where else by porn addicted perverts.


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