Amazing Grace

One of my co-workers thinks I'm hard to talk to. Another one just wishes she didn't have to ask me the same questions over and over, cuz' I get so aggravated. My husband thinks I'm cranky when I'm just talking and my friends have to deal with my sarcasm. Sounds like Jesus huh? NOT. I really get tired of me a lot. I don't wish I was more weak, timid or soft, I don't think Jesus was any of that. I also am glad that I am not fake or afraid to speak my mind, again Jesus definitely was not fake and He most certainly spoke His mind. but I do wish I loved more like Him in my words and my deeds. I wish when I spoke it was always seasoned with salt. I wish I was kinder.

You know what I have recently discovered about Jesus? he never let people be victims. When ever someone said "why me?" He said "follow me, don't doubt, have no fear, take heart, etc." He never said "you are the victim, feel bad, you don't have to change, it's everyone Else's fault, etc.." The bottom line is we are responsible for our lives. "chose this day whom you will serve.." When we choose to be a victim, self is who we serve in a perverse way. We chose everyday how we are going to treat others and how they are going to treat us. I am a victim of no one, I am the beneficiary of an amazing Grace that can and does cover a multitude of sin. I will over come and have over came much only because of that Grace.


Anonymous said…
You are the easiest person in the world for me to talk to. I'm not trying to take away anything God is showing you, just balance it out. I can't begin to espress how comforting it is that you are in this world with me. I love you.
Anonymous said…
Man you don't know how bad I needed to hear this today Carole!! God spoke to me directly thru this blog this morning. Thank you for being obiedent.
ZumbieYogini said…
Hey, I keep my blog private, but I just wanted to say I really enjoy your writing. Tonight I'm working on an assignment called "found poetry" for my English 213 class at WVU. This post definitely makes its way into my found poetry paper. Also, I love the quote you posted by Elie Weisel. I wrote it down. Namaste.

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