Does a little girl know who loves her?
Does she feel who comforts her when a fever rages?
Does she know who told her "Jesus is always with you"?
Does she feel the peace of knowing you were there now that she is grown?

Does a little boy know who made him corn bread and buttermilk?
Does he feel the warmth of a soft tough after a hard fall?
Does he know who told him "Jesus loves you", now that he is grown?

Does a young girl know who taught her how to make biscuits?
Does she feel the calluses on the old hands as she helps her from her bed?
Does she remember that they showed her Jesus is always with us, now that she is grown?

And did I tell you thank you for the cold rag on my head,
For stories of ship building and dancing with Clark Gable?
Thank you for the words of wisdom learned from pain and betrayal.
For telling me "Jesus is always with you"
and for being there,
for just being there.

Carole Turner

I wrote this poem in 2001 for my grand mother, Sarah, who we lived with until I was ten. She was still alive when I wrote this. I read it at her funeral January 2004. I miss her sometime.


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