Blood Diamond

Blood Diamond

This is an absolute must see movie. Go rent it, you will not regret it.This movie will mess you up. (Like I needed to be messed up anymore) Vicki Ohlerking Told me I HAD to watch it a while back. She knows my heart for Africa so she knew this movie was something I needed to see. I say both thanks and Dang you Vicki! cuz' I really can't shake this movie!

The horror depicted in this movie still going on today. Currently in Uganda under the LRA. And thank God less then 1% of Diamonds are blood diamonds now but that is still 1% too much.

Watch this movie, read the stories from the links below and pray about what you can do.

What difference can one person make? Well people like Mother Theresa, Martin Luther, Nelson Mandela and thousands of others prove that one person can light the flame that brings great light to hundreds, thousands even millions.

Let's reverse that question, what can one person NOT do? What if there were not Mother Theresa, Martin Luther, Nelson Mandela? We are His hands and feet. Don't tell me "Jesus will find a way to help people." He has and it's US!

We are all called to bring light to the world, we are called Salt and light (Matthew 5:12 - 14). No Christian is exempt. You may not be called to Africa,called to adopt an Orphan, or to work in the inner City but we are all called to feed, clothe, visit the imprisoned (Matthew 25) and help the least of these. Don't look away, stare this Hell on earth straight in the face and find a way to help.

Thank God for Children's Cup, Product (Red), Opportunity International, Watoto, the thousands of missionaries, organizations and ministries helping the people of Africa. Giving financial support to these, or any you know of, is a way you can help right now.

Here are some references if you would like to learn more about this Hell on earth.

Invisible Children

This is a documentary and a movement to raise awareness of the "Invisible Children" of Africa. It is very violent and disturbing and worst of al it is reality.

Soldier Boy

Hope in the Heart of Darkness

Christianity Today ALWAYS covers this issue very well. There are many articles about the horror these children live in everyday, these are just a couple really good ones.

Wikipedia definition and history of the Blood Diamonds

BBC Report-Night Commuters

LRA Update



Vicki Ohlerking said…
Australia, Book Club and now I'm commenting on a blog for the first time ever...

But I had to say that I'm glad I messed you up on this one. I hope to mess you up even more when you come to Africa with me. I saw Invisible Children Rough Cut for the first time at the Hillsong Colour Conference and then we watched it again last night at my house--you can't let go of what you see.

So no apologies from me on messing you up. The more people we mess up with this, the more kids we can help rescue. They're depending on us!
Bijoy said…
interesting stuff you have got here keep up the good work.will be back soon
regards Biby - Blog
Cajun Tiger said… are you really ready to be messed up. Go to Starbucks and buy the book, "A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier." It is the most gut wrenching and emotional book I've ever read. The friend who recommended it to me warned me not to read it in public b/c there would lots of people starring at me due to my weeping and he wasn't kidding. As soon as I'm done reading, I'll definitely do a post on it.

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