Alcohol- Mark Driscoll style

If you know me and you click on the link and read the article, you will know why I am screaming PREACH PREACHER!!!!!

Click HERE to read.

"Do you suppose that abuses are eliminated by destroying the object which is abused? Men can go wrong with wine and women. Shall we then prohibit and abolish women?"
– Martin Luther


Katelyn said…
I like your blog :)
Anonymous said…
Oh yeah. Very nice article. It's so good to be free. I'm printing this out to circulate.
Robin said…
One comment: Human nature - give it one inch and it will take a mile! Am I right? Have you seen yourself with food? Or spending money?

Secondly: alcohol, in all of it's forms, not only smells nasty, tastes nasty and is a result of ROTTEN food products, it has no redeeming value whatsoever. It never has and never will.
The only people who are squawking about the alcohol issue are those who used to be drunks and are looking for a "biblical excuse" to get back something in there lives to help them 'deal with life'. This rational is a bunch of 'church growth' dung with the intention of getting people 'in' and not offending anyone so we won't lose them. All about the numbers. The same 'personal responsibility' mantra is used with R rated movies - just as many Christians plunk down there $$$ to see Hollywood’s filth and perversion as non believers, 50% divorce rate in the church (or worse), porn on the net, a little drugs won't hurt you, a little cussing is okay - it's all a weak, watered down message to try and make the Church to fit the culture, not the culture fit Christ. But, we've got to "love" everybody, right? Yeah, shoot straight with them and let the chips fall where they may. That's love,to tell them the truth. When the Dr. told me I had cancer and we have to remove it or you die, he did not say one day maybe or if you have time or blah, blah, blah -he said it is going to kill you - it has to come out now. So, Christian and those who would like to follow Christ - you had better be more concerned about getting sin 'out' of your life and less concerned with how can you sneak it back in, in little pieces, so you can enjoy it at your leisure. Sell out. Draw the line. Tell the truth. Are you scared?
Carole Turner said…
George George, I couldn't disagree more. I really do think you have it all wrong BUT I still LOVE YOU even if you wont have a glass of wine with me in heaven. :-)
Anonymous said…
Anne says:
Too much of a good thing is still
too much! And if you spend your time doing what you are suppose to do, you won't have time to do what you are not suppose to do.
Cajun Tiger said…
Besides not getting drunk the other limit on our freedom in Christ is not causing others to stumble. That is why I have no problem having a drink in public here in DC but would never do that in BR, especially since I was on staff at HPC.

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