New Blog Friends..

...that I have added to my side bar. And remember, they would not be in my side bar if they weren't worth visiting so when you have time go check out;

Musings..this is the blog of Andrea Bailey, she writes for Outreach Magazine and you all know how I love to read good writers.

Ragamuffin Soul This guy is the Worship and Arts pastor at Sandals Church in California (love his title) and his blog is just very very interesting and super funny.

Hope for your Family is Dr. Roger Butner PHD. He is also one of the counselors at Baton Rouge Christian Counseling where I work.

And the fabulous Mrs. Margaret Williams. This is the lady that is in charge of the Baton Rouge Dream Center Jump Start program that I have been talking so much about. Her and Mrs. Susan are paid by the grant to run the reading program. I really dig her! Her and her husband have such great hearts and I am honored to get to work with them.


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