I heard some staggering statistics yesterday @ church;

MTV has over 3000 soft core porn images per week!At least 9 an hour!

One that I was shocked with was that according to the Nelson rating system MORE CHRISTIANS WATCH MTV THEN NON CHRISTIANS!! What? You ain't got nothin' better to do?

Merchants of Cool is a fantastic Frontline Documentary. PBS and Frontline are not Christian organizations at all but what they have to say about the programing of our children is very alarming. If you have time click on the link and go watch it and/or print out the transcript.

Here are some excerpts to peak your interest....

DOUGLAS RUSHKOFF: Is it nostalgic to think that when we were young it was any different, that the thing we called "youth culture" wasn't something that was just being sold to us, it was something that came from us, an act of expression, not just of consumption? Has that boundary been completely erased?

Today five enormous companies are responsible for selling nearly all of youth culture. These are the true merchants of cool: Rupert Murdoch's Newscorp, Disney, Viacom, Universal Vivendi, and AOL/Time Warner.

So does the whole teenage experience come down to this? ... Maybe all that research isn't really about understanding John as a person, it's about understanding John as a customer. I mean, they don't call it human research or people research, they call it market research.

MARK CRISPIN-MILLER, Communications Professor, NYU: The MTV machine does listen very carefully to children. When corporate revenues depend on being ahead of the curve, you have to listen, you have to know exactly what they want and exactly what they're thinking so that you can give them what you want them to have.

Now, that's an important distinction. The MTV machine doesn't listen to the young so it can make the young happier. It doesn't listen to the young so it can come up with, you know, startling new kinds of music, for example. The MTV machine tunes in so it can figure out how to pitch what Viacom has to sell.


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