Irresistable Revolution

"Flamin' Liberal" is an understatement for Shane Clairborne, the author of Irresistible Revolution. He is a radical like John the Baptist. Way out there but way connected to the heart beat of the Jesus we read about in the Gospels. He is pro-life and that is about the only thing he has in common with the Christian Right. But can I tell you, I have cried so many times reading this book! It so spoke to my heart. I bought a "Jesus was homeless" T-shirt. It hurt me, it challenged me and it even more so affirmed the path our family is trying to walk out.
God is messing Dean and I up bad. Dean read "The Church that Never Sleeps" by Matthew Barnett. It's all about the Dream Center in Los Angeles CA where they feed, cloth, house, etc..thousands of homeless and helpless. All that book did was fire Dean up even more. We are so in sync with this. We are not rich, by America's standards we are barley middle class but I still feel I have more to give, more I could do, more people I could be Jesus too.
What a painful killing of self we are called too. It is so hard. The flesh is weak. I am @ such a place of growth right now and the growing pains sometimes leave me running for relief. I need some medication for the pain, like a new shirt. But there is no relief there, so I run to my hiding place, His arms. They hold me and then lead me back to the place where I die some more.

This is it. This life is all we have. We have to LIVE IT! "It's better to burn out then fade away". Not a moment to lose. I have to love, which is hard for me sometime, not just the stranger but also the annoying people. I have to be kind, even to my husband and children when they are getting on my nerves. But you know the really amazing wonderful thing about Jesus? When we are giving our lives to the poor, the hurting, loving the unlovable, He changes us, he softens our hearts.
Here is just a taste of the Irresistible Revolution...

"When I was in India working in Mother Teresa's Home for the Dying, there was a young man who had been there volunteering for quite some time. He rarely talked, just went from bed to bed caring for the dying men. One day on the train ride home he gently said to me that he wanted to share a confession. He went on to explain that he was not a Christian, and often had a tendency to question the mixed motives of evangelical Christians who came to volunteer. He said he was never sure why they were there, if it was because they truly loved the dying, or because they were commanded to, or because they wanted to convert the dying ... Then he asked me, "When you care for the dying is it because you love them, or because you love God?" A good question. I thought for a while, and then I replied, "Yes, both. In fact, they are indistinguishable to me. I cannot tell where the one begins and the other ends. As I love the dying I am loving Christ, and how I love God is by loving my neighbor." He smiled. As I thought afterward, I wondered about the difference between how this atheist so gently touches and cares for the dying, and the way I cared for them. Could he be caring for Christ without knowing it?

Read it if you dare and are not afraid.


Cajun Tiger said…
May just have to pick it up =)

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