Family Gush time!

My little family sometimes I just can't help but want to talk about them.

Dean is on a diet. He's as hot as hot can get already but HPC is doing a weight loss thing so he had to jump in on the competition. He does so much better then me when it comes to this kinda stuff. I sure love him!

Look at my kids! Evangeline is just sunshine. She is playing both Upwards Basket ball and for her school Hosanna and Dean is helping coach with both! It's a crazy time of year that's for sure.

Steele is just love and fun that is for sure! He cracks us up. I have to tell you a story. He brought home a picture he had colored at church nursery, it was of the good Samaritan helping the man on the road. Steele had colored with a blue crayon a place on the cheek and the arm. He kept telling us " he gotta bo-bo, good Samaritan help him."

I am so blessed.


Anonymous said…
steele does crack us up he is so cutie to.we love him.
Anonymous said…
He is so Ghetto!!!!!!!!!


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