Erwin Mc Manus quotes..

..I stole them from ragamuffinsoul but I always love to hear what Erwin Mc Manus has to say...

" We need to be asking more questions than giving more answers.

God is actively engaged with every human being on the planet.

When Ted Haggard goes into Christian rehab and walks out three weeks later saying he is cured and no longer gay…the world knows he is lying. Why don’t we?

We need to let their minds catch up with what their soul already knows."


agardana said…
I don't know what that last comment means. For the over 40 crowd can yoe explain what you are trying to say there?
Anonymous said…
Hey! Thanks for the link to Donald Miller's blog. I like him. I enjoyed the Erwin quotes as well.
Anonymous said…
Hello! Cured after three weeks! I don't think so. I hope he will not be on television again but I'm sure he will, making Christians look like fools. I do not believe in television evangelist except Billy Granham. He is the one true man of God.
The Devil loves tv evangelist. They are his kind of people.
O.K. I'm done. Love MOM

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