Bitten by the Dream Center bug

Lorri, Summer and I went to the Dream Center to read to the kids yesterday. There were two 2 yr olds, and two 3 yr olds, all with mothers in prison! They were so sweet!

Lorri has been bitten by the Dream Center bug and once you are bitten, there is no going back. She teared up a couple times and said how this was so her thing! She's already lined up other days to serve there.

Summer and her kids were such a blessing. Along with Steele, they got right in there with the toddlers. We brought lots of books and are bringing more thanks to all you great givers!

We are going every Wednesday morning from 9am - noon. Starting next week we will be painting and doing crafts as well as reading to the kids.

Let me know if you want to get bitten yourself!


Anonymous said…
Love the title of your blog. I am a Narnia fan as well.

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