I believe...

...the book of Revelations is more allegorical and Metaphor then literal.

...prosperity teaching is wrong.

...homosexuals should not be treated any differently then the adulterers, liars, prideful, hateful, jealous or greedy-sin is sin and love covers a multitude of sin.

...to err on the side of love and forgiveness is always best but sometimes much harder then we like to admit .

...it is sad that Saddam Hussein died full of pride and not choosing to follow Christ. We should never be glad when a lost person enters eternity, for then they are truly LOST.

...Scripture memorization competitions for kids are wrong.

...All Christian schools should have a monthly or weekly "help the needy" day so that the students can see what it really means to live as Jesus said.

... if we all could live in another country for a while we would see our politics differently.

...abortion is murder, which is a sin that is forgiven if we accept the love of Christ.

...Christians and Republicans need to offer more alternatives to abortion, more couples need to adopt or help fund healthy Orphanages, group homes etc. Basically put your money where your mouth is or close your mouth.

...the church world accepts more willingly the prideful, jealous, greedy (which are sins) then they do people who drink alcohol (which is not a sin!)

...the environment should be as important to Christians as their thirst for mass consumption cuz' the world may not end soon and our kids have to breath this air and drink this water.

That's it for now. Let me know what YOU think or believe.


Anonymous said…
Well, ok! I agree with you on every point! Love the revelation point. Loved it all. Thank you for saying what you believe (and think.)
bigshank said…
Abortion... Let me preface my statements that I'm about to make with "I abhor abortion and think it is excessively evil." These are MAJOR devil's advocate statements I'm about to make NOT to say that I'm pro-abortion. I"M SO NOT PRO-ABORTION!!

However, I think that most People's theology about salvation flies in the face of their views on abortion. I believe that most people assume that children up to a certain age are going to heaven if they die (the age of accountability). Most people also believe that after the "age of accountability" the person may or may not go to heaven based on whether or not they accept Christ as their Savior, which I believe.

It seems to me that abortion is just guaranteeing heaven for a lot of children that may go to hell if they were born into awful families with parents that didn't take them to church or love them into following Christ. If the assumptions that are made above are true, then we should stop fighting abortion because it is reduced to saying that it's better to give a person a chance to go to hell than to not give them a chance to go to hell. Also, it puts more value on the life that we are living than the life that we will live in eternity. If aborted babies go to heaven (and I believe that they do), then would it be wrong for us to rejoice a little over that. The death of the saints is precious in the eyes of God, and HE can take a sinful heinous act and make it redemptive.

Abortion is EVIL, but it's amazing how God can take something that people mean for evil and use it for good.. I think there is a scripture out there about that.

Abortion isn't evil because it denies people the right to life. This life is WICKED and HORRIBLE compared to heaven. It's evil because it's a choice that men aren't supposed to make. It's a choice that God is supposed to make and makes......
Robin said…
Carole, I think you have opened a can of worms here. Big Shank (se above comment) is walking on the edge, but I can see his point - to a certain extent.
I agree with most points, but the revelation deal the jury is still out on.
I do know this, if people could see Jesus in a way that THEY could understand Him, the vast majority would fall at His feet and say "Lord, I didn't realize you were so real and so awesome and love me so much". We have to pray for people to be "enlightened in their understanding of Him". (Apostle Paul).
I would love to comment more. Dean, are the Steelers going to the Super Bowl?

Carole Turner said…
Murder is illegal exept in the case of an unborn baby and so as citizens who believe all deserve a right to life, we must fight to change the laws.

We also must do what we can to give homes to unwanted children. Mentally or physically handicapped, not lilly white, etc. These go hand in hand in my opinion.
bigshank said…
Harumph!!! Fight on sister! It's a very worthy battle.

It's one of the greatest evils of ours or any society and deserves the passion that you are exemplifying.

Have you ever thought about what Heaven will be like for those who never lived on earth as opposed to those of us who have? What a drastically different experience that will be. how old will the aborted babies be when they get there? what memories will they have?

Revelation. REvelation. REvelation... I believe it was much more literal for the first party audience it was written to. For us, I believe it shows us much more about the nature and character of God that what is going to happen "in the end." I'm leaning toward a more pre-19th century approach to that book.
Ron said…
...Revelation is a book of one man's (Paul) attempt to describe what he saw in the Heavens or spirit realm...and earth.

...prosperity teaching-"ONLY", is wrong. There must be a balance.

...A man having sex with another man is NOT the same as adulterers, liars, prideful, jealous, etc...

...Saddam's death was sad, but justified.

..."If we all could live in another country for a while we would see our politics differently." ?!?
Do you mean Communist countries like China or Russia? Socialist countries like in Europe? What do you mean by different?

...Abortion is murder. A mis-carriage is not.

..."Christians and Republicans AND DEMOCRATS..."

Ditto for everything else.
Anonymous said…
I think what she means, or what I mean about the seeing the politics differently, is that we would help the poor more-not just by letting our government programs do it, but we would do more individually. I, too don't see homosexual sin as worse than any sexual sin. My take on it.

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