Reading is fundamental

One of the many reasons I am such a George Bush fan is he inacted faith based initiative on a scale never seen before, allowing grants for faith based organizations to meet the needs of the least of these in our communities. Do you know that starting Wednesday I will be reading to 2 - 5 yr olds, under such a grant? The Barbara Bush Literacy Grant is funding the HPC Baton Rouge Dream Center to teach preschool children pre-reading and to teach the parents how to read to the children! I will get the great honor of volunteering under Margaret Williams, A lady I met at the Thanksgiving Outreach who, at first meeting I knew was a wonderful loving women! I can't wait to serve with her!

As of yesterday there were five children registered for this program. The mothers of three of them are in prision!! You talk about a need! These kids are being raised by hard working aunts or grandmothers, that live on government substities and minimum wage, who have stepped up to raise the children of women who are incarserated! This is their life. I prayed and do pray that God will let me be a light to these kids.

What the Dream Center is doing is helping humanity. Helping the poor. I am so gratful to Ms. Allice Cole, Johnny Green and my Pastors Dino and Delyn Rizzo for having this heart, for listening to the call God placed on them. I am not being a suck up, I really am thrilled to be a part of what they have started. I love that I am being allowed to use my gift, my love for reading and books to help kids love reading, love books.I love that I get to lead a book club,study books with great ladies who love to read and are excited to jump in and read to kids. Summer, Lorri, Anne, Melissa, Liz- you totally inspire and challenge me. Everyone who has donated or will donate books, You are great, you are a part of a great thing, thank you! and OMG, Dean! He is just the best! If you know him, you know what I mean. He is the most wonderful husband. I am gushing, I know, but it's my blog and I will gush if I want too (sing it) I'll stop but am I blessed or what?!!

When children love books, they want to read them, when they read they learn when they learn they have opprotunities, and when they take the opprotunites to contribute to society then the cycle is broken, they are changed, we are changed, our country is better.

Rock on HPC Dream Center!


Anonymous said…
Carole, You are awesome! I'm inspired by your enthusiasm, and it is such a blessing to see you living an intentional life of service unto the Lord. Gush on!
Unknown said…
Thank you Carol! Thank all the people who have and will donate books and time. This is a wonderful oppertunity to impact little lives. I thank HPC for having the heart for the poor. This little time may have a lasting effect on their lives and outlook. I pray that we can show them a difference and the love of Jesus Christ. Pray for Susan and myself that we make a difference for Him. Love you! Thank you again.

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