New Years Night

My sister can really throw a party. She IS Martha Stewart. We had homemade Spinich and Artichoke dip, Homemade, gormet chicken nuggets that were just incredible WITH homemade sauces, Honey Mustard, Jalapeno Rasberry and Ranch and I made Mexican seven layer dip. I have never eaten so good on New Years.

The adults stayed inside and played 90's trivia while Candice and her friends sat around the bond fire in the backyard. While we were playing trivia my sister marveled at how confident I always am of my incorrect answers! She was winning the game by one pie when we had to shut it down @ 1am. I hope we play again so I can make a comeback!
Me and Donna outside by the fire with some of Candice's friends

Candice Donna and I by the fire

Mom reading a question during Trivia

Amber (one of Candice's friends) and Candice

Everyone ringing in the new year after coming inside to watch the ball drop.

Candice poking the fire in her party wear (note the hat)

My hot husband and me!


Ron said…
Happy New Year guys! Love Ya!!
Robin said…
Missed seeing you all at the Gardana's. As always, it was great to see everyone. It makes life so much fun.
Happy New Year from the Waites family.

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