Finally home!

We drove through the night Wednesday so Dean could go to the Sugar Bowl. Kerry Wilkerson invited him and I knew that was something we had to get back for.(see Dean's blog for pics and details) It wasn't a bad ride. Dean drove all but 2 of the 12 hours, I got to sleep some and so did the kids.

I am so glad to be home! I swear, I almost wept when I got in my OWN bed! Now for the unpacking!

This is a map of all the states we went too!

In 13 days, in a small Ford Focus, with two Kids, we drove over 3500 miles!! And can I tell you, it was a great trip! We really had a Great Christmas.

Thanks to everyone that we visited, friends and family, we had a great time!

Here are the last of the pics from the trip.

Steele and Gage

My brother Joe, his son Gage and Candice's demon dog Baxter

Me with my nephew Timmy's kids Garrett and Baileigh

Cowboy Gage with Steele Evangeline and Megan


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