John Mayer Concert

What a great night of grovin' to some mad tunes, dinner with my love and people watching!

First we went to eat @
Churchill's in the Atrium which I would highly recommend to anyone! The food was fantastic, service was slow but well worth it! Then it was time for John Mayer. What a great concert! He really is amazing. You know me, anywhere I go I love to watch the people, and this was no exception, this crown was fun to watch. I would say it was 50% girls that wanted to marry John Mayer, 40% boys that wanted to be John Mayer and 10% people like me who just think he is one of the most gifted musicians and songwriters around today.


bigshank said…
I'm really disapointed Carole and Dean.. YOu know Rock music is of the DEVILLLE!!

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