Good Friends and good times

Last night us Turners met the newly wed Cleggs- Dana and Bryan. Also Angela and one of her boys, Micah met us and Babette with her new baby girl. Babette is over 40 (but she doesn't look it) and Isabelle is a miracle baby.

Babette and her beautiful Miracle baby girl Isabelle.

All the kids at Sicily's. Micah, Chandler, Steele, Evangeline, Lawson with a lovely bandage on his busted chin (boy, 2yrs old, chin meets ceramic tile floor-ouch)

Newly weds Bryan and Dana looking oh so in love!.

Friday night I went to dinner with Lorri, Shawn, Anne and Summer. We had a great time. It seems like it has been forever since we had a ladies night out! We ate at Carabba's and then went back to Anne's house for some serious girl talk. We are all so different and going through such different things in our lives but I always come away learning something and feeling so grateful for the friends I have.

Anne & Summer Looking beautiful!

Lorri, stunning as always!


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