Eat more Chick-fil-A

I love Chick-fil-a cuz' they have great food and because they are closed on Sunday. Like Hobby Lobby, both companies feel church and family are more important then another day of money making so they shut down on Sundays. Well, now I love Chick-fil-a even more. Chick-fil-a donated 250 sandwiches combo's to HPC Outreach (Click here to read about it) to feed to the poor here in Baton Rouge! SO in the words of the famous cow....


And by the way, if your new year resolution is to eat healthier, Chick-fil-a has the BEST whole wheat bagle I have ever eaten, it is really good and if you get it with their fruit bowl, you are eating very healthy!


Anonymous said…
i have heard that those bagels are VERY good! Hey email me the picture i took at the game on sat.
Love ya-Heather
Anonymous said…
Ron said…
Good post Carole!! "Eat mor chiken"

Now I'm hungry.

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