This weekend

It's 8:20pm Sunday evening. I am in the middle of cleaning my house and doing laundry. Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Ring is on the TV. Dean is laying in the bed with Steele trying to read "225" magazine while Steele says over and over to him"kikkle me daddy, kikkle me!" that is "tickle me daddy, tickle me" in 2 yr old lingo. Evangeline is finally taking a bath. Laundry is getting done, floors are mopped and kids are clean. What a great day!

Friday evening was family night. We went to see "Happy Feet". I liked it but it was definitely different. Dean and I both want the soundtrack. Steele and Evangeline both liked it.

Yesterday E and I helped give presents to the needy and E had a basketball game. Last night we went over to the Wilkerson's for some spaghetti and fun. Dean got sick afterwards and spent the night throwing up so he still isn't 100% yet (hence the laying in the bed reading a magazine at 8pm)

Church was good this morning. I am really loving being back in the Choir. God is funny. I used to look at people that cried all the time in church and think they had to be putting on at least sometime. Yea, I was a heathen punk looking at others like that was just wrong but I don't do it now! Anyway, now I literally cry every song service!! I have learned to bring a tissue up on stage with me. At first I was thinking, "I can't cry like this, people will think I am putting on!" but that's when I slap self upside the head and I just let Jesus have His way. I don't worry about what people will think. I have learned to just shut my eyes, ask Him to help me worship and to just try to focus on Him and what I am saying to Him, what He is saying to me-then I can't help but cry. When I sing about His love, His Mercy or His grace, I just weep. I pray I never take those gifts for granted. I am crap, I have so many areas that do not look like Him, but He still loves me, shows me mercy and gives me grace. How could I not cry singing about that? So, anyway, I am a cry baby, so be it!


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