That is what this time of year is, party time! Last weekend was crazy! Saturday morning was E's first basketball game and then since I am in the Choir I had to sing at all 4 services this weekend, one on Saturday night and three on Sunday. Then I went to Lorri's to decorate for the book club party which was @ 6:00pm (which was great by the way) and when I got home at 9:00pm, I was just plane whooped! I know I did not have my head on the pillow for more then 60 seconds before I was asleep!

While Steele and I were at church Saturday night Dean and Evangeline road in the Baton Rouge Christmas parade. There are some great pics @ Evangeline's site,
Little E's world and at Dean's blog.

Last night was a party for volunteers @ HPC that we went too, tonight is E's school Christmas play and Thursday is the choir Christmas party!

Stay tuned because when I recover from all this partying I am gonna post a Christmas wish from me to you, all you faithful blog readers. But I aint got the time or entergy to do it today! Love ya!


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