The Nativity Story

The Nativity Story is a great movie. If you have not gone to see it, you should.

The actor that played Joseph was amazing. He really made you feel what Joseph may have felt, he portrayed him as strong yet humble. I have never seen a better portrayal of Joseph and I have never left a movie feeling like I understood a character more. Yes, I know the real Joseph may have been nothing like the one in this movie but scripture says he was a good man, an honest man. And we know that he to was chosen by God to be Jesus' earthly father. I really can not say enough good things about this character.

The girl who played Mary was good. They really showed how shunned she and Joseph both would have been at that time because she was pregnant and they were not married. This actress played her very low key and almost passionless in my opinion, so I would have liked to see more depth but she was adequate.

I teared up when she visited Elizabeth and John leapt in Elizabeth's womb. I could just feel that amazement and the joy from both women over what they were a part of.

The magi are great. They are funny and thanks to a creative and unique portrayal of them, I enjoyed their story very much too.

I think ultimately I left this movie feeling like I could relate to Mary's parents, relate to Mary, Joseph, the Magi and that wonderful old Shepard that waited his whole life to see his gift. (when Joseph and Mary are traveling to Bethlehem, an old Shepard gives them a place to rest and by the end of the movie you know that his gift was that moment when he helped Mary. Yes, it's fiction but it so speaks to believing and waiting and so much more)

I teared up so many times just feeling overwhelmed with what God did for us in sending Jesus to earth that way. As they say in the movie "the greatest of all kings born in the humblest of places" I just love what that teaches us about the God we serve.

I know this movie was just another dramatization of the greatest story ever told but it really touched my heart in more ways then I can relay here. I felt today like I did after viewing The Passion of the Christ, thankful that even in an age of media over dose, visual brainwashing and entertainment over stimulation, God can and does use all those mediums to teach us about Him. He certainly will use this movie to touch many lives.


Anonymous said…
Good critique. We want to go see it. Thanks for the preview. CT,
I put a little humor on my blog, check it out. GW
Tell Dean go Tigers.

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