My Christmas wish for you

You are here with me

sharing my thoughts listening to my dreams

I say to much, I say to little

but I am always hearing something it seems.

I could wish you health, which is great

I could wish you happiness and all it brings

but I really want to wish you freedom

true freedom to be free.

Freedom to see.

Freedom to truly be all you were meant to be.

I want you to know the Creator of that drive

I want you to feel the fullness of His joy

I want you to have a great life

and to live a life with no void.

So all my words are really all about that.

Giving my life again and again to Him.

falling a lot in fact

but He picks me up again

For why else did He come?

A question for sure

he came for me and you to be free

He is the cure.


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