I really like what the group Switchfoot has to say...

..in This interview.

Here is an excerpt to wet your whistle.

"American Dream" on Oh! Gravity reprises some of your critiques of consumerism, which are also featured in fan favorites like "Company Car." Is Christendom implicated in these warnings? How do you ward off the corrupting influence money can have along with success?

Foreman: I'm implicating everyone, myself included. To think that you're not susceptible to the lure of cold, hard cash and the advantages it buys us in this life is to be ridiculously foolish. I think that we've all fallen to our knees to many of the things that our nation has to offer. For me the grounding, the centering of my soul is something that comes in various forms, whether it's in meditation or reading or even travel to foreign countries. There are a lot of ways that you can kind of loosen your grip on the American steering wheel, and those are the things that I find to be really healthy.


Anonymous said…
CT, consumerism is one of my pet peaves, I could spend some time on that one. GW

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