I have a dream

Sometime late at night, after too much coffee, I will lay awake and think about the dreams I have.

Dean, is a dream. Evangeline and Steele are a dream. I am loved, I have great friends and a great church. Sanity, security, peace, all are dreams I am living in thanks only to Jesus Christ.

But there are dreams I have that have not come to pass as of yet, I want to tell you about them.

I dream I have a specialty shop. I would paint murals to cover all the walls so that when you entered you would feel like you have entered Narnia and Middle Earth. The shop is decorated completely with my art work of Narnia and Middle Earth, walls, tables, everything. There is two party rooms, one is like you have entered Narnia and the other Middle Earth from Lord of the Rings and the Parties are hosted by characters from Narnia and Middle Earth.

The books I sell are mainly classics, J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis and their mentors such as G.K. Chesterton and George Mac Donald, children's fiction, fantasy and the like. I would host daily story times for children but also discussion groups and of course book clubs.

This shop would be near down town, close to the inner city so that out reaches to the unread children of Baton Rouge would be easier. I would have book drives and take books to the poor.

I would make this a place where all felt welcome but mostly children lost in a world of crime, poverty and hardship could come and escape, if even for only a short time. I would spend much time out in their world reading books to them, giving them books, encouraging them to read and love books.

Here are a few drawings I did of my little dream.

Middle Earth Party Room entrance
Entry is like the door to the mines of Moria from The Fellowship of the Ring.

Pracing Pony Cafe serving Counter
Designed to look just like the counter @ the Prancing Pony also in a scene from The Fellowship of the Ring.

Front of store
Hobbit hole round windows, like the ones in Bilbo's hobbit hole and the Wardrobe type door from The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe also the white tree inlaid on the door.

My dream shop would be named The Wardrobe and the White Tree, like this blog it would be a tribute to the two greatest authors of the 20th century, C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien and to the lands they created, Middle Earth and Narnia and the life changing effect these authors had on me. They taught me so much about this journey we call life and how to live it for God.
The name comes from the Wardrobe that was the entry way into Narnia for the Pensive children and the White Tree of Gondor which unites all of Tolkien's stories of Middle earth from The Silmarillion to the Return of the Ring.This is my dream. It's a fun dream, a good dream. We shall see if it is Gods dream for me also.


Anonymous said…

You dream away girl! I've always told you , that you have so many gifts and abilities that haven't even been tapped into yet. I can't wait to see how God brings your dreams to life! I believe in you, and what God has for you Carole!

Believing with you,
Anonymous said…
Ok I must admit, I've never seen Lord of the Rings!! but when I do decide to sit down and watch Carole, you must be with me b/c I probably won't understand a thing..LOL..praying your dreams come true.
Anonymous said…
I love your dream. Love Mom
Anonymous said…
man... I remember when this seemed so close to coming true.... I really hope one day you bring this little shop to life!! I know that will definitely be something worth visiting for! [and if its good enough, maybe even moving ;) ]

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