How am I perceived?

I wonder that sometime. When I am making friends via the blog sphere, posting and commenting, sometime I wonder how I come across to virtual strangers and to my friends. Do they see the real me? A portion of the real me at least? I think that is really all you can show in this medium. I try not to think about how I am perceived too much, you know the whole being self absorbed thing is what I am trying to get away from, but maybe there's a good balance in here-the blog world.

I know we all blog for different reasons. I blog for several reasons.

1. I have kept a journal every since I can remember.

2. Sometime I feel I would burst if I didn't write.

3. I always think others may want to hear about what I think is great or bad or funny or whatever, like I may show them something they never saw, heard or thought of before. That is why I go to other blogs.

4. I fancy myself a writer, artist, poet, so this is just part of what I MUST do.

I struggle sometime with talking about myself. I find blogs that are self absorbed annoying but if you think about it, those blogs may be where that person works out their issues or journals so they would have to talk about themselves right? And what about George, I mean what would my blog world be like without George telling me all the news and updates of his journey through and away from Cancer? And the same goes for all the links in my side bar, I care about their lives, or ministries, or publications so much that I want to read everyday what they have to say.

You know what the bottom line has to be always, and I forget so many times, Is God getting the Glory? Do I serve in my writing? Am I trying to help, not hurt? Can I forget what others think and write from my heart?


Robin said…
Hey Carole, introspection is a good thing. That is what makes us different from the animals. Can you see a grizzly bear struggling with his or her conscience? No.
Hope thyou all are having a great christmas. This time last year was a little different for us, so I am thankful for the time. Tell Dean to check out the deer rack on my blog. It is the biggest I have ever held in my own hands.
Talk to ya'll later GW

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