Christmas In Ohio

Turner grandparents with a lot of Turner grand kids! Christmas morning.
Steele did great on the long ride. He's watching Pirates of the Caribbean with a mouth covered in Chocolate.
Pappa reading to Steele
E, Me and Steele. I got on my cool snow boots and E is showing off her new hat and gloves.

Wade, Sondra Jay and Josie

E holding Josie

Dean holding Josie

Jay, Steele and Evangeline playing

Evangeline and Steele showing the "Welcome to Kentucky" sign

Right now I am listening to My new "lifehouse" cd, that I got for Christmas and earlier I was listening to the soundtrack from the movie "Happy Feet" , which I got for Dean (he said he wanted it after we saw the movie) both excellent cds. I got the huge two volume set of "The Letters of C.S. Lewis" also, I can't wait to get into that. And Dean got me a couple wine glass racks for my kitchen.

E is down in the basement/gameroom watching "Pirates of the Caribean II" Steele is napping and Dean just got finished talking to both of his brothers on the phone. They can't be here today but we did get to do Christmas with their wives and kids this morning.

On the way up we stopped for the night at Wade's house. We had a great visit with Wade and his family (for anyone that may not know who Wade is,his family was like my family in the lean single and broke days and Wade is a great friend and brother to me. We have been friends for over 20 years) Wade made biscuits and gravy for breakfast, His wife Sondra and I visited and His little boy Jay is 3 so him and Steele had fun and they have the cutest two week old baby girl named Jose, I could have eaten her up! We really had a nice, yet short visit.

Our trip has been pretty uneventful so far. Oh, except Evangeline throwing up this morning! Yea, she had drank Orange juice, forgetting to tell me, before bed last night so she woke up with very high blood sugars, so that is why she threw up. We got her number down and she is feeling better now but it kinda ruined the beginning of her Christmas day.

Oh and we went to eat at the "Outback" last night. Nothing like a rare steak and garlic mashed potatoes! I love steak!!
Evangeline put a reminder on Dean's cell phone for today that just said "remember Jesus", I love that! It says it all. This day is about celebrating the gift of salvation, the gift of love, hope, joy and strenght, celebrating Jesus.

I didn't paint this but isn't it just the neatest Christmas painting? I found it at Fine Art by Rob Elphinstone. I don't know who he is but he sure can paint.

Merry Christmas!!


Cajun Tiger said…
Looks like ya'll had a great Christmas. We had lots of fun and of course great food down in LA =)

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