Things that make me say "huh?"

People in Ted Haggards Church that said this was not going to shake their faith.

Huh? Dang, they must be better people then me (which isn't hard mind you but anyway...) It would certainly shake mine if I were there. The pastor you love has been doing Meth and having sex with a gay prostitute for three years and that is not going to shake your faith? Like a good friend said the other day; with a body, if the arm has been severely beaten, it hurts, all over the body, dealing with the pain of that injury drains the body, makes it weak, you get "shaky". As the body of Christ this does, has, and will continue to shake our faith because our body hurts. We hurt for Ted, his family and all that followed his leadership.

You know, if you shake something real hard the loose crap will start flying off- I think shaking is good, except for babies :-) Good for Ted, for us, even for the lost watching this unfold. Never forget that God is bigger then anything and He can and does shake our faith to see what it is made of, to perfect us.

People that say after hearing the news "Is there no Godly men left in the world?"

Huh? That's just a stupid question for sure. With 6.5 billion people on the earth, I feel sure there are some godly men left. You know, the guy serving in the inner city, ministering to the homeless, or maybe the missionary in Africa who is holding an Orphan right now. Or that janitor cleaning the toilets and singing a praise song because he has such a blessed life. Yea, lots of Godly men left. Quite looking for justification for your pity party and lazy life. Serve God and keep your eyes on him and you will see that Godly man your looking for in everyone else!

Men who still say "well, we can only be so transparent with each other..Or there are some things that are just between you and God.."

Huh? That sounds like a man reasoning out why he can't talk about "EVERYTHING" with at least someone. You know what I'm talking about. Women talk, most women feel the need to offer TMI (too much information) way more times then is appropriate but I firmly believe that EVERYONE needs at least one person they can tell EVERYTING too. There is no accountability if there is THAT ONE THING that no one knows. You think, "they won't's too awful..I will lose everything.." Well, I bet Ted Haggard thought that back when he first struggled against this lust, but now look where not talking about it got him? Men, don't rationalize your way out of being completely transparent to someone. I get the feeling that "gay" thoughts are even more considered something that a man absolutely couldn't talk to someone about but you just have too. It is the way to freedom.

Pride keeps secrets, humility spills your guts.


Anonymous said…
I have to say that my faith would not be shaken either (like the people in Ted's church) by a pastor or leader's sin being exposed publicly. It (the sin) was there all along. But that is not to say that my faith is unshakable. There are things that rock me and make me wonder.

I think it shows, as it has before, that our standards and traits of a godly leader are perhaps not what they should be. If you can live in such contradiction and still be leading people, who knows you? I think that some "postions" just require showmanship (sorry) and some people skills on a very shallow level. How can we be surprised when we really don't know people at all? I'm not mad at Ted- I feel for him. I bet he is glad to have this out and off his shoulders.
Anonymous said…
Something like this doesn't have to shake your faith. Only way it would do that is if your faith was placed on the man and not in God. I think that is what they mean. As much as I love Dino and pray for him daily, if something like this happened it would not affect my faith one bit. I'd be extremely sad for him and his family and the HPC family, but my faith would not be rocked one bit.

Totally agree with transparency. My biggest problem was no accountability. Even when I confessed to God, there was still the thought that satan hung over my head, "If they knew what you really did, they..." That was broken when I confided in a couple of close friends.

The biggest benefit of this already is I bet lots of men are reaching out for accountability and a lot of church boards are asking their pastors harder questions. Both of which are very good things that satan is probably furious about.
Anonymous said…
OOPS, 300 billion people on earth, now that speaking evangelastically there hasn't been that many people throughout history. that's 46 x's how many as there are, which is 6.5 billion
Carole Turner said…
Sorry, I fixed it. Thanks.

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