Thanksgiving Outreach @ ICU

Many guest and volunteers feeding, eating and getting to know each other.

Wednesday morning me, Dean, Evangeline, my sister Donna, and my nieces Megan and Candice went to help set up for the Inner City Thanksgiving outreach. We got down town around 10:30am, helped decorate and set up then hit the streets to invite the people to the dinner. We finished that part of the day around 1:00pm. Went to get some lunch, went to HPC to pick up food and then got back to the Dream Center for 4:00pm. The guest started arriving around 5:00pm and it was just an amazing time. We met so many great people. Elderly, young, happy, sad, homeless, poor, hungry, drug dealers, prostitutes, mothers, fathers and just all kinds of Gods children who just need to know He loves them and wants a relationship with them. I think all together there were about 150 guest at the very first, on site outreach at the new and wonderful Baton Rouge Dream Center!
Donna Franks has some great stories over at her blog from this day and many other days that the Dream Center has been involved with.

Servers outside the dream center getting ready for the day.

Melvin and Aliece getting ready for ICU outreach.

My neice Megan, Evangeline and the Boutee Girls helping to set up and decorate for the dinner.

Megan and E setting up chairs.

Dean leaving a house where he invited them to the Thanksgiving dinner.

Outside the Healing Place Dream Center. My sister Donna and Megan standing with Margaret (she has on the white bandana) and another great lady all there to sign in the people coming to eat.


Anonymous said…
Carole and Dean, I am so proud of you guys. I know the people you all served were blessed. I am inspired.
You have to read my new post - there is a surprise in the middle - you will get a kick out of it.
grace said…
Wow! I know you didn't do all of that for people like me to tell you how awesome you ARE!
Anonymous said…
I read Donna Franks blog and the poem she wrote. I am at work and I couldn't hold back the tears. It does the heart good to know there are still people who care about people in need and try to help them instead of condeming them.
I get such a blessing from reading what the Healing Place Church is all about. I love y'all so much.
Love MOM.

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