Speak Friend and answer..

..all who are now reading this blog, tell who you are, where is your abode, whom do you love, where do you labor and all there is to know of you.

A stranger? A friend?

Tell this insane spouse, scribe, scholar, vocalist, artist and pugilist, who you are that read my renderings.

Please and thank you kindly.


Anonymous said…
Karen Harvey.Keystone Heights, FL. Wife of Brad; mother to Bradley, Andrew, Evan, Honey, and Isabelle. I teach 3rd and 4th grade at a small private school.I am certainly a friend and as close to being a sister as is possible.
Ron said…
Ron Leblanc, Dean's only friend. Single, work, coach, blog, and occasionally give Carole a hard time.;)
Unknown said…
Nick Bouterie; Iota, Louisiana; my wife, Cherie; OGM Land in Beaumont; I'm a fellow Louisiana blogger and keep FeatherIron as part of my Team Louisiana
Anonymous said…
Keri Wallace, Prairieville, wife to Mike with 2 girls. Cameron is 11 and Addison is 8. A dog named Barkley and a cat named Molly. I'm a stay at home mom who cleans houses 4 days a week for "mad" money.
I don't blog but love to read blogs.
Anonymous said…
Allen Lightfoot from P'ville, friend of Dean and "the mistress of blogging" Carol Turner, I'm starting the single life all over again (at 43) and feeling way to much pressure to be a blogger, Carol will be the 1st to know when I start.
Anonymous said…
Kay Lynn Dunham mother of Ashley and Ken. Karen Harveys older sister and member of Carol and Deans extended holiday and when the Harveys are in town family.
Anonymous said…
Shane Comeaux...DC Metro area...g/f Mimi, family and friends...Pentagon...servant of Christ =)
Anonymous said…
George Waites, Central LA (the new city), My wife, kids and family - of course the Lord God Almighty and friends, used to be CVT Lab - maybe again, friend of CT and Dean going on 20 years. Not working presently. Engaged in a War with Cancer, a formidable foe who will bow the knee in defeat to the King - Christ Jesus of the Bible. To Him be the glory.
Joyce said…
Joyce Mahan, Baton Rouge, LA.....my husband Don, four kids who we love WHO ALL still love at home. When do these people move out anyway? I'm tired. HA!
Ummmmm, currently not working in the outside work force right now. But there is always PLENTY for me to do at home and beyond. I went on a medical leave from work last year at nearly this same time....and ended up needing to totally quit my job and stay home to continue to fight this "thing" that is trying to attack my body. I've been taking the "natural" approach now, after consuming many meds, (well I do still take one thing)ONE I ESPECIALLY do not want to take anymore.....because I'd like to have a liver left one day when this is all said and done.
So......I'm still trying to find some relief from pain and a break through physically. Some days are good, some days are bad, but I STILL am pressing onward.
P.S....I love BLOGS.....I think I may want to join the crowd and do my own one day when I find time..
Anonymous said…
Summer Kelly, Baton Rouge -- Friend! :), Wife & mom, free-lance writer (who has yet to try her hand at blogging), & Ebay enthusiast!
And yes, I read ALL of your blog entries & emails -- even though I fail to respond sometimes! LOL!
Anonymous said…
Mary Linda Utt, married to Gary,
live in Okeechobee Florida.
Bookkeeper, Mother of The ultimate blogger, Featheriron(Carole)

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