Sad, very sad

I read this and was just very sad for all involved. I am sad for Ted Haggard and his family. The bondage that must lead to such a life must be so painful. I pray he gets free and goes on to live the life God intended for him. I am also sad for all those that looked to him as their spiritual leader.

The disappointment, the disillusionment will be a hard road, I know, I have been there. I worked at Jimmy Swaggart Ministry in 1988 when he fell. My entire life was at Swaggart Ministries. All my friends, my church, everything was wrapped up in his ministry. For four years it was a little utopia for us. When he fell, my world fell apart. My foundation was shook and it was a hard blow. I quite literally had to be stripped to the core, the heart of my foundation-Christ, His life, death and resurrection. That was all I had and I found that it was all I needed.

I would love to say I didn't struggle with my faith, but I did and the road back was hard but oh so worth it. Gods grace and mercy was there and I still pray for the Swaggarts.

A good friend always says that "exposure is always Gods mercy". This is not "IT", eternity with or with out God is "IT". God will do whatever it takes, in this life, to get us right with Him, when he knows that in our deepest heart, that is what we truly desire. This horrible time can even be used to the good of his family, hard to see or imagine right now I know, but God is bigger and smarter then us and He can and does turn bad to good. I have seen it.

Romans 8:28
And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

Let's hold on to that. Fight for that and realize that our enemy is not flesh;

Ephesians 6:12
For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world-rulers of this darkness, against the spiritual [hosts] of wickedness in the heavenly [places].


Anonymous said…
Still have to wait for all the facts to come out, but from what I'm hearing and seeing, the gay charges are very suspect. The drug charges on the other hand seem to be what he probably confessed to.

All that to one is above sin and that God will definitely use this for good if Haggard will allow it.
Ron said…
Well stated Carole. I'll probably blog on this also.
Anonymous said…
I find it interesting - the timing of this "release" of information. When did this happen, who else knew about it and who has been sitting on this story - the gay guy recorded his (teds)messages and kept them. He knew he was going to use them for later, sinister purposes. These types - the vindictive, aggressive in your face gays have an agenda. They want to make you and me accept their perversion like it or not. In doing so they assuage their consciences - in a manner of speaking, making themselves "feel like" they are fighting a just cause when really it's all about their guilt and sin which is so overwhelming it has consumed them and is driving them. "It is no longer I who live, but the sin that has consumed me". That is a made up scriptural ref. to the real passage about "it is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me". They have allowed their sin to make them do things such as this. Bring another low so a I can feel better about myself, and also get a book deal. GW
Anonymous said…
The man has admitted to some of the accusations. Let's not turn this into a polital debate (the media is already doing this). Who are we to enable him more by trying to throw blame somewhere else? Is the suspicious timing of this outage the real issue? Does the timing really matter? Let's not let the politcs of it overshadow the real issue here: This man is a hypocrit. He is not the first, nor will he be the last, to be revealed to us as false prophets.
It is not our job as Christians to have a double standard for our leaders! If the Lord removes the sheep's clothing and reveals to us the wolf within, we should use the good brain the Lord gave us and see the truth for what it is.
I feel sorry for his family, for the shame he has brought upon them. I do NOT feel bad for this self-proclaimed "leader". HE IS WHAT HE IS, and he didn't become this "victim" overnight.
Let's not get sidetracked here. Does the fact that it is election time really, really change the fact that this man has no right to be advising us on how to live our lives??
Pray for him and his family, pray that he will become right with the lord, but DON'T blame the media or some political agenda for HIS SIN.
We should be thankful that this was revealed to us, whatever the mechanism.
Ron said…
Let's get one thing straight, Haggard is not a "self-proclaimed leader". He was appontioned by a board of elders to lead a church and christian organization. He did not appoint himself. Just because the messenger is tainted that doesn't mean the message is. "ALL have sinned and have falling short of the glory of God."

Don't kid yourself, the media takes great pleasure in seeing a CHRISTIAN LEADER who fights especially for the protection of the family unit, come to ruin. Some of you 'self righteous' Christians seem to be having the same satisfaction.
Gered Lambert said…
It's only by the GRACE OF GOD that we haven't fallen to similar temptations. It's only by the GRACE OF GOD that our dirty laundry isn't aired out to the public.
Anonymous said…
Ron, I realize you are hurting, as per your own blog. But, YOU "need to get one thing straight" (how does it feel to have a virtual finger shaken in your face?) Ted left here to start his own church - anyone who knew him, as you say you do, can vouch for this. Yes, he was elected by "elders", but who in the world do you think brought him into Ted's church?

I know you are hurting right now, but in ANY circumstances, this is NOT okay! Your church and most other Mega churches, along with leaders of other traditional churches, are the first ones to stand up and demand the resignation of world leaders or corporate executives who are "outed" in the media! No one is willing to blame the media on their sin! Why is it okay for the leader of a church to "have a weak moment" or "fall?"
What if his drug use was going on while he was your beloved youth minister? It would have been the responsibility of the adults in that church to get rid of him FOR YOUR PROTECTION. You are the adult now, so GROW UP!
Yes, he has fallen, but he deserves no more protection or immunity than the gay druguser on the street. He deserves help, and prayer, but he does NOT need everyone making excuses for him. What he did was wrong. Heaven help the youth in your care, if you would protect such a person!
Ron said…
You are TOTALLY missing the point! Who are all these people that you are refering too that are making excuses for Ted's behavior? Certainly not me! Don't confuse me hurting with excusing Ted's actions. I didn't excuse Swaggert when he was living a secret life, I'm certainly not going to excuse Ted.

"A virtual finger shaken in my face"? You mean like my parents did to me while growing up?

I don't understand your hatred for church leaders who turn out to be less than perfect. Seems to me that you need a reality check! If you want to go on a witch hunt and find every pastor who has some secret sin in their life than go right ahead. You will be sadly disappointed. My salvation rest in Christ alone, not on the actions of a pastor struggling with sin.

Your wrong! If Pastor Haggard is honest about his behavior and is REPENTED, than he does indeed deserve our protection and support. He is OUR fellow brother and Christ and that DEMANDS that we do everything in our power to restore him back to where he church!
Ron said… Christ.
Anonymous said…
You are obviously hurting right now. Perhaps when you can learn to control your rage, you can re-read the above posts and then decide what is being said. Above, I posted "He deserves help, and prayer, but he does NOT need everyone making excuses for him." Whether you believe it, or not, there ARE others blaming everything but the hurricane on his fall. If you haven't heard these people, or have not read their posts, then you are choosing not to. Please do not try to say that these things were not being said.
Your statement "I don't understand your hatred for church leaders who turn out to be less than perfect" -where did this come from? I don't hate anyone. I simply feel sorry for gullible people who are so desperate for some direction and leadership in their lives that they turn a blind eye to the evil that walks among them. The Lord revealed this evil to us for a reason, and that reason was NOT for us to look the other way and pretend that it did not happen, or that it was someone else's fault. You can interpret that statement as you wish - you are obviously out for blood, and this is a sad, sad turn of events. Not only did Satan weave his way into Ted's life, but you have become a victim of the ripple effect. You have allowed your anger and hurt to cause you to reach out and attack anyone who has an opinion other than your own.
Carole Turner said…
Anonyomous, I appreciate you reading my blog and commenting.

As someone reading both of your opinions I will just offer a bit of advice to you if I may.

Words typed come across sharper then they do when spoken. Alot of times people write on blogs what they would not say in person and I think that is a bad thing. I love when anyone visits my blog and wants to take part in the conversation but I just really want it to be kind and gracious always. Your intent may be that but I am having a hard time getting your point or your jest because there are too many words. I come away more confused. I sincerly hope that does not offend you.

As for me, I will err on the side of Grace because I myself have needed it and still do needit ALWAYS. I will not make excuses, I don't need too, but I will try to find a way to show Jesus in EVERY situation and I beieve the only way to truly do that in this situation is to show mercy and grace to ALL involved.
Anonymous said…
I haven't posted on this yet, but will soon because it is very close to home for me. I know all about living a double life as I did it for 10 years.

If Haggard is truly repentant, submits to counseling, has stong accountability moving forward, he will and should be restored in our eyes. He is not a hypocrite as Anon claims. He is a sinner. He was bound by the guilt and shame of his sin way more than the sin itself if his experience is anything like mine was.

While I think the timing is suspect politically, as Pastor Stockstil expressed, the timing is completely God's timing. The extra exposure this is getting will bring even more out of the darkness of sexual sin which I give God all the glory for.
Anonymous said…
Per Merriam-Webster (for CajunTiger)

One entry found for hypocrite.

Main Entry: hyp·o·crite
Pronunciation: 'hi-p&-"krit
Function: noun

1 : a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion
2 : a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings
Anonymous said… may want to take that log out your eye first and then we can talk.

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