Over sexed and under touched

The other night when we were serving people at the Dream Center, I felt like I just had to touch them. I patted backs, grabbed hands, kissed old ladies on the forehead and held and kissed babies and little kids. Anyone that knows me well knows I am not a "toucher". This was very much against my nature.

When I first got saved I was so unnerved by all the hugging Christians do. I had such a hard time letting go of the sexual connotations in every thing. But slowly I started to see that hugging was good between friends. You could say "I love you" to your girl friends, you could hug them. It was a good thing. Well of course I took it too far in my naiveity. I kissed a dear guy friend on the cheek after he fixed my car and all Heck broke lose. The youth pastor accused me of lusting after the guy and the poor guy, who had never been kissed by anyone but his momma, thought for sure my intentions were anything but pure. So, here I was again, facing a world that was over sexed. No, the guy was very pure, his life was innocent but he wasn't the problem, I was. I was not pure to them all because my "pre-Christian" years has been full of over exposure to sexual things. I never again felt the freedom to kiss on the cheek.

I was watching Lord of the Rings the other night (shocking I know) and I again marveled at the relationship between Sam and Frodo. In today's world they would be considered gay and "in the closet" for sure. We think it's weird or gay to be so affectionate to the same sex. We have been programmed well in our time. Now we can be friends via E-mail and My space, We can text instead of talk face to face, we can fall in love in a chat room before we have even looked into our lovers eyes-the window to the soul. We have gone this far, I feel because we are afraid of natural friendship and showing affection by touching.

We are over sexed and under touched.


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