Opportunity International

I have been reading this really convicting book called "Rich Christian's in an Age of Hunger" It's very statistic heavy in parts but it also has some really great information about how we, as American's, can help the poor around the world. One of the organizations mentioned and praised in the book is Opportunity International. They provide loans of $50.00 - $500.00 to impoverished people so they can start a business. This is not a lot of money to us but it is HUGE to these people . Often times enough to change their lives forever. It's great to feed the hungry, but even better to help them start their own business so they can feed themselves.

Opportunity International was started by a wealthy Australian business man. Him and his wife became disillusioned with a materialistic lifestyle so they moved to Africa and started using their resources to help the poor by starting this organization.

My good blog friend, Cajun Tiger wrote about his involvement with this organization just the other day on his blog. I know God's timing is perfect because I had just finished reading about it in my book and I was wondering how we could be a part and then Cajun Tiger had all the info. on his blog!

If you have a minute check out the site and if you feel so inclined, donate. What a Jesus style thing it would be to do this Holiday season.

And by the way,
this Kind of global help for the poor just won the Nobel Peace Prize!


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the shout out Carole. Just for full disclosure, Oppourtunity Intl didn't win the Nobel. It was a secular based company that also does microfinancing that won it. Opportunity has been doing it longer and is a Christian organization and your blog nails it as what an incredible way to help the poor during the Christmas season.

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