Great Election Satire I found over @ Monday Morning Insight

Election 2006 fallout: Evangelicals Stock Up on Bottled Water, Pork Rinds
HOUSTON, Texas (NN) -- In the wake of a Democratic takeover of the US Congress, Evangelical Republicans are bracing for what could very well be the beginning of the great tribulation spoken of in the book of Revelation.

One could almost hear the angels blowing the trumpets of the apocalypse as baby-killers, gay-rights fanatics and godless liberal Democrats won control of the US Congress. Fourteen years of Republican control of Congress along with six years of a Bible-believing, born-again president failed to bring about the milennial rule of Christ; leaving more than enough time for the forces of evil to regroup and once again deceive the nation.

Not since Y2K have evangelicals been so earnest about stocking up on nonperishable foods, bottled water, and ammunition. Some despondent Republicans were aimlessly wandering the streets of Southwest Houston, while others donned sackcloth and ashes - visibly shaken and fully expecting the imminent judgment of God to fall upon America.

Evangelical leaders immediately called their followers to ‘get on their faces’ before God and repent of their pride and arrogance. Time will tell whether evangelical Republicans see the error of their ways, or whether they simply hunker down and await the days of the Beast.

(You can catch alot of other zany satire at the Nazarene Nooz website)


Anonymous said…
Cute. I wasn't that bad but pretty close =)

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