Christianity Today has the latest on the Haggard scandal

I actually teared up while reading this. Haggard Confesses I was so glad to see Brother Larry Stockstil was the board member they chose to address the congregation at Ted Haggards church this morning. Here is just a sample from the article, please take a minute to read the entire confession.

..Stockstill likewise emphasized God's sovereignty, and dismissed questions of how the scandal could influence Tuesday's election.
"God chose to reveal Pastor Ted's sin," he said. "In this case, God chose at this particular moment to allow this sin to be exposed. Now we can be mad at God. We can say that's not fair. The timing is terrible. Or we can say Blessed be the name of the Lord. One of the things I've learned about God is that he is wiser than me. ... What's going to happen in the nation? You know what? I don't think that's your concern or mine. God is a holy God and he chose this incredibly important timing for this sin to be revealed, and I actually think it's a good thing. I believe America needs a shaking, spiritually."


Ron said…
Great post Carole.

I particularly liked Ted's statement..."The public person I was was'nt a lie. It was just incomplete."

I believe that to be true.
Anonymous said…
Well, the guy is gay and a drug addict. I have known gay people for years and I suspected he was gay when I first saw him, but I thought maybe the lord had changed him. He was becoming too powerful in the christian community and when he started getting to the devil. the devil said, I don't think so, and he brought him down. It was his choice to fall to temptation. The devil just puts it out there for us and it is our choice. I think it is called free will. There is always blessing in these things somewhere so look for yours. Love, MOM
Anonymous said…
Everyone needs to read Ps. 32, especially vs. 3-5. It is a great picture of someone living in sin unaware to others and the power of repentance. It was and continues to be a great source of strength for me.
Anonymous said…
Linda (MOM), you said it, my dear. Plain and simple. I agree.
Anonymous said…
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