Calling all Christians, boycott the Holidays!!

Yes, that is what I said. Boycott Christmas and Thanksgiving! Don't hit Walmart at 5am the day after Thanksgiving, rather cuddle up with your wife and kids and stay in your pajamas.Don't pull out the credit card to buy that new Cell phone or I pod for your kids, rather, cut up the credit card and send extra money to the Missionary you support. Then go buy dinner for that single mom in your church who is hurting this Christmas.Don't sit around Thanksgiving Day getting fat and looking at left overs that will get thrown in the trash. Rather spend time in the inner city, hosting a meal for a drug dealer or giving a turkey to a prostitute.

I started thinking about all this after reading an entry over at Flower Dust about well meaning Christians that call for boycotts. I say for every Christian that wants me to boycott Walmart, Best Buy and Target. Sure thing. You do the same and spend all that extra time and money being Jesus to someone and I am all for the boycott.

What Would Jesus Do?

What an amazing message we would send if all Christians decided this year to sacrifice for the less fortunate. To not fall prey to the brainwashing advertisers that bombard us daily with what we "need".We tell our kids "Christmas is not about gifts and stuff" but then we break the bank buying stuff for them that we cant afford.

Robin and George Waites taught Dean and I a great gift giving tradition; give each child three gifts and that's it. Tell them that Three wise men brought baby Jesus gifts so that is why we do this.It opens the door to discuss the meaning of Christmas with your small children and sets a tradition that can be carried on to the next generation that encourages self control and restraint.

Blessed when We are Being a Blessing.

The most blessed I have ever been at Christmas was several years back. Evangeline was 3 and Megan, my niece was 4. My sister and I took them to the nursing home that my sister works at on Christmas day. We went from room to room visiting the residence. My niece Megan was amazing! She would climb right up into the bed with them, hug them, talk to them, kiss them. I literally started to cry watching her and watching the elderly enjoy her. She has the gift that my sister has with the elderly. I will never forget that holiday.

Just Trying to Walk it Out

I have far to go in my "addiction to shopping" recovery but now that my eyes are open, I can no longer live the same. It was a slow process of deliverance that has to be walked out but I do believe I don't need near as much as I once thought I did. And the freedom from "I have to give them a gift" is such a wonderful thing!

Dean and I have also been the beneficiaries of amazing generosity throughout our life time. I just feel so grateful and thankful that Jesus uses people to meet needs. I want Him to use me to help others as I have been helped.

My point in all this is, be Jesus to someone this year. Not just a boycotter. Remember the hurting , the hungry and the sick. I will be buying gifts but this year I will concentrate on giving my time to the needy and buying gifts for people I know that need that little extra love this Christmas. Believe me, my flesh wants and wants but I am just so trying to die to that flesh more and more every day.


Robin said…
Come on now ! That will preach sister CT. I think you need to get that message out to the Churches in a big way.The blog is a great start. "Radical Hospitality" - that is a book written by some christians with similar ideas as you are talking about. There is also that organization that will purchase and deliver animals such as goats, chickens, pigs and work animals such as oxen to 3rd world countries along with training-for next to nothing. One of Robin's cousins gave us a card which said she had purchased a sheep thru this groupin our name which was then given to someone in a village somewhere, etc. It is really neat because it promotes self sufficiency not dependency. I'll have to look up the name. Anyway, your idea is a more local approach which can be followed up much more easily. I get my CT results tomorrow. Talk to ya'll later ...
LSU and the Steelers both won - Dean is in pig skin heaven I know!!! GW
Ron said…
Why not shop and snuggle with your loved one, give to the needy, and cook for the single MAN who has no honey to snuggle with? (just kidding)...i'll manage...somehow :(

Don't forget to watch "It's a Wonderful Life"! :)
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
i boycott walmart... meerly because they are threatening building one right behind my house. that's annoying and tacky. so boycotting walmart i will continue to do.... but not because i am a christian. but because i am snotty. :)

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