You got Game?

Soccer will be ending this next Saturday and without missing a beat we go into Basketball season. E will be playing Upwards basketball AND also playing for Hosanna. She will also have TWO Christmas plays, school, homework and a little thing called Diabetes to deal with everyday. Busy girl!

It's a real good thing that Steele LOVES sports as much as Dean cuz' he sure spends a lot of time watching his Sister play and his parents TRY to coach. He loves to dance (seriously, it is so funny, I will be sitting on the computer and he will come grab my hand and start pulling me saying "dance Mommy, dance" and I HAVE to go dance with him. He dances all the time. He's our little dancing machine!) and he loves soccer, baseball and basketball. What if he grows up to be a dancing Bo-Jackson? He has two years before he can play for Upwards but he is already old enough to be in the Church Christmas play, we will see if he is willing to show his skills in front of a large crowd.

If your in BR and haven't signed up yet for Upward Basketball click on this link and you can do it now. ALSO they need coaches so click on the link if you would like to coach as well.

Upwards Basketball Sign up Sheet


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