This is Shawn, my Mary Kay lady and my good friend

Notice Shawn's flawless skin, she doesn't even wear foundation!But she does Cleanse, Micro Derm and moisturizer as all women over thirty should!

Ok, say what you will but I just look better with a tan! and for me, the tanning bed is the only place I'm gonna get one so all you Fake-and-Bake haters, back off.

In a year I will no longer be doing the closed mouth smile cuz' I will have strait teeth again! That's if I can survive the pain, I'm such a wimp!


Anonymous said…
Shawn's skin is lovely. Your tan is also lovely, but I think you're going to age faster. Just me.
Anonymous said…

You are so crazy! I thought you said you were gonna send that picture TO me, NOT put it on your blog! Talk about white.........MY HEAVENS..I'm practically glowing next to Mrs. Dark, tan and lovely.....I look so white(but,both of us know looks are deceiving though.(wink, wink!!) you know what I mean?

Yes, I am laughing!

Thanks for the Mary Kay shout out!

Anonymous said…
you and my mom look good!

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